Sunday, 12 July 2015

• Summer Photos • Topshop Clothing Haul •

This week my lovely yankee cousins from California had been visiting moody Wales, so I've been giving them a grand tour of my humble welsh abode. Fortunately, temperamental Cardiff was on it's best behaviour and blessed us with sun! Which of course meant beaches and road trips, scoring some gorgeous photos (and yes, my cousin and I enjoy staring lovingly into each others eyes). 

These shots are taken from Marloes Sands, a secluded safe haven close to Pembrokeshire. The view 
was so beautiful; we were enclosed in monumental cliffs, sea stretching infinitely onward and footsteps which made ripples beneath the sand, like we were walking on water. Marloes was the set of the film Snow White and The Huntsmen, little trivia fact for you! 
Considering we were ticking off a very British Bucket List (which of course included a cheeky nandos, welsh cakes and cream tea) it was inevitable we were going to end up in Topshop - aka, the demise of my bank account.

Of course, I went in to window shop, and before I was even aware of myself I'd racked up a receipt so long I could use it to wrap Christmas presents. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that from now on Topshop must be avoided at all costs - because otherwise I'm going to be so deep in my overdraft that I'll have to live off of supernoodles for the rest of my life. 
However, what's done is done. And these clothes are flippin' gorgeous.

Bomber Jacket - £55

Crochet Bodycon - £26

(Similar, I found mine in sale for £15)

Topshop is brutal to my bank account.


  1. wow hunny you got some great pieces <333

    I especially love the button down white skirt !

    Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

    1. Thank you lovely!!♥♥

      Victoria xox