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I love festivals. Everything about them - the music, the drinking, the fashion, the camping, it's totally my thing. While I can be high maintenance when I want to be, I actually love slumming it out in body paint, sleeping bags and cans of Strongbow. I've picked up a few tips that I wish I had known before, so thought I'd share...


1. Don't push through the crowds to get to the front of the concert. Don't be that asshole. As much as being at the front means you get a good view, the music is going to be so good whether you're 10 or 100 feet away. If you absolutely have to, walk around the periphery of the crowd, pretend to be on your phone trying to find someone and be very apologetic. 

2. Anything can be a hip flask if you have a good imagination. I know how expensive alcohol can be - I feel ya. Usually it's prohibited to take alcohol into the main stadium, so hypothetically, if you wanted to hypothetically take hypothetical alcohol into the concert area (which btw I definitely don't endorse because it's against the rules) be inventive with how you sneak it in. Hip flasks are great, but I'm a massive fan of cleaning out a bottle of sun cream and putting your (hypothetical) alcohol in there. That way if you get searched, then your vodka simply looks like SPF 45. If you're going to do this, remember to clean out the spray cap as well - I learnt the hard way. This will also work with perfume bottles, body spray, there's even camera-shaped hip flasks. And remember, I say this all hypothetically. 

3. While it seems logical to bring a massive tent so you have loads of room, it's not always the best option. If you live in the UK you know all too well how cold it gets, even when it's supposedly summer. Having a smaller tent means you'll be a lot warmer. Also, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET A SLEEPING MAT. I know it seems unnecessary, but they are essential. If you've only got a sleeping bag you're going to be freezing, you need as much material as possible separating you from the ground.

4. Dark clothing is best. White doesn't stay white for long. Especially if you're in the UK and it's likely to rain. Always go for darkened shorts or trousers, so you can sit on the grass without becoming too paranoid. Also, DO NOT WEAR SUEDE. Just don't. For obvious reasons.

5. Don't take expensive make up. I promise you, you will lose something. Leave the MAC and NARS at home. Rimmel is the way to go. Don't be too concerned with how you look.

6. If you're like me and have really flat hair/wear extensions put your hair in plaits every night. That way your hair doesn't get too tangled in the night, and you'll wake up in the morning with lovely wavy hair. I also highly recommend a tangle teaser, because they're a lot kinder to any knots. 

7. Lastly, don't spend all of your time in the tent. While it's tempting to take a quick nap, you're only there once. If you miss out on anything you'll regret it, and at festivals there's always so much to see, For example, if you're going to Reading/Leeds, go to the silent disco. Genuinely one of my favourite nights was spent listening to old school classic music and getting back to the tent at 6am. 


1. I mean, obviously. Wet Wipes are a no-brainer. You need them for everything. Whether that's rubbing mud off your clothes, 'washing' your face in the morning or using them as toilet paper - you need them.

2.  Cross-Body Bag - Obviously, your possessions will be a lot harder to steal.

3. While I adore these MOTO Fringe Mom Shorts, any dark clothing is fitting for a festival.

4. I wish I had brought a Watch when I went to Reading festival. If you're in a large group of people, the chances are you're going to split up and have to discuss a meeting place. If your phone runs out of charge, you're pretty screwed. Please, just take a watch.

5. As I said before, festivals are expensive.. Hip Flasks are awesome for when you're running low on cash. Just don't get caught.

6. Wellies are pretty obvious, however you don't have to wear huge, bulky ones. These Vincent Wellies from Topshop would be perfect if you're concerned with looking fashionable.

7. If you didn't have a Bum Bag did you even go to a festival?

8. Everyone loves the person with the pack of cards. Especially if you're getting an early entry ticket, there are going to be times where you're spending time at your camp. Nothing passes the time like a good ole game of Ring Of Fire.

9. If you're someone that doesn't want to queue for hours for the shower, then Dry Shampoo is the way to go. Any brand - it doesn't really matter. Personally, I love Batiste in Floral and Flirty.

10. Body Paint. I'm pretty sure they'll sell these at most festivals, however there's no harm topping up before you go. Body Paint and Glitter just make everything better.

Enjoy! And remember, if the band is terrible and the weather is awful and your body paint makes you look like a colourful slug, alcohol helps.

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