Friday, 11 September 2015

• Qui N’avance Pas, Recule •

On occasion, my life upgrades to moderately interesting. Interspersed upon the mundane, the lackadaisical, the inevitability of the dull the dreary the downright dismal, I do something worthwhile. And when the wind blows in the right direction, I go somewhere worthwhile. This time, my worthwhile happened to be Arles. 

Arles is a city in the South of France. It's nothing luxurious, but a corner of the world where it's beautifully sunny and indisputably French. After ten days I was set out to move out there, but alas, Cardiff will always be waiting for me...

I'm sure you can tell - Arles is very pretty. 
The title of this blog post 'Qui N’avance Pas, Recule' translates to 'Who does not move forward, recedes.' It's something I've been trying to remind myself of lately. I sometimes instinctively perceive change to be a negative thing, but without change you're ultimately not going to get anywhere. 
Like many other secondary school survivors out there I begin uni in the next few days, which is all very strange. I've chosen to study English at the University Exeter, and am already prepping myself for the flurry of 'DOWN IT FRESHA' jeerings I will be forced to endure within the next week. I don't think it's possible to articulate how I'm feeling at the moment, which is ironic coming from an English student. Nevertheless, I'm excited. Onwards and upwards.

Good luck to anyone else in the same position! On the off chance someone reading this will be going to Exeter- I'll see you there.


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