Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Makeup Storage and Organisation • Tips and Tricks

From the perspective of someone that has a (relatively) normal amount of makeup, I understand the hardships of finding good storage space for your beauty essentials that isn't too big. For a while I was on the hunt for some glass drawers and stands on eBay which were around £20; I was a little disheartened considering they didn't even hold much space. Thus, my discovery of a new, intuitive way of storing your makeup just for 5.99... six letters ladies: TKMAXX. 

The desk I own is the MICKE desk from IKEA in black-brown, only for £60! There's integrated storage to the right, and the cable outlet shelf at the back means all electrical appliances appear wireless.

TIP 1: Cutlery Tray

 I'm aware this sounds pretty odd, considering cutlery trays are built for the purpose of holding...well, cutlery. However, the plastic tray is perfect for makeup storage - the rectangular compartments enable easy organisation of products; plus, it only cost £5.99! I was so astonished at how useful it is, especially if you have a lot of eyeliners/mascaras/lipsticks. I picked mine up from TKMAXX and highly recommend you look there, or somewhere like IKEA or Tyger, it's simply plastic and therefore shouldn't cost much more than a fiver! All of my Benefit blushers/bronzers fit snugly in the bottom compartment, then the next section up is my complexion products, then eyes, eyebrows, lipsticks and in the right compartment are singular eye shadows. Even if you have a big collection, you could store your favourites for easy access!


This is such an adorable idea for brushes that need to air dry! If you frequently wash your brushes you understand the annoyance of waiting for them to dry. I will always wash my brushes before I go to bed, put them on my notice board and then they're all ready for me to use in the morning! Also, if you have a large collection, it would be perfect to separate these brushes so they're more accessible for daily use.


These tips are starting to sound really weird. If you ever find that your brush holder is too tall to store all of your brushes, pour some grained rice into the cup. The rice means that brushes are able to stand up independently, and any shorter brushes will be much more accessible for use. In addition, the brushes appear neater and organised. This tip was such a life saver for me as I don't have that many eye shadow brushes and they looked so untidy just slumped in a cup!

 In the rest of my drawer, I have another square box where I store my foundation, then I just stack palettes on top of each other and keep my straighteners wound away! TKMAXX you absolute legend.

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  1. Oooh this is all so pretty! Love it! :)

    Layla xx